Check Out These Obesity Maps

Saturday, September 3, 2011
CDCIf you haven't seen the CDC obesity map progressions for the last 25 years or so, you must check this out - it's really pretty amazing as well as horrifying. It makes you wonder what in the world was going on in our diets over this time period. Well, here we go. Over approximately that time period, the following changes happened -- people were eating:
  • More carbohydrate
  • More sugar
  • More grains
  • More reduced-fat dairy products
  • Leaner meats
  • Less red meat
  • More fish and shellfish
  • More poultry
  • Fewer eggs
  • Less animal fat and less saturated fat
  • More soy oil, corn oil, and other oils high in omega-6 fats
  • Overall fat consumption was about the same
In other words, except for the "more sugar", pretty much what the Food Pyrmaid and other government guidelines were telling people to eat. And are still telling us.


Image Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control

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