Coffee Shop Indulgences

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do you like to stop by the coffee shop for breakfast? All those pastries are tempting indeed, but oh my goodness, the calories and fat. Some quick breads are upwards of 400 calories per slice; scones, close to 500 calories in some cases; and muffins, 350 calories or more. If you eat these on top of your tall or grande flavored lattes, perhaps with a little whipped cream, you can consume half your daily calories and more than a day's worth of saturated fat before the morning is done. And if you think that choosing a low-fat fruit muffin or reduced-fat coffee cake is the way to go, be aware that these still pack around 350 calories each. So make yours a skinny latte, split your muffin or scone with a friend, or better still, opt for instant oatmeal and a banana, or a reduced-fat breakfast wrap.

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