Oligofructose Definition

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Definition: Oligofructose is an oligosaccharide - a type of sugar molecule with several branches. Oligosaccharides are, for the most part, not digested in the small intestine, therefore they add very little to blood glucose. However, they are broken down via fermentation in the colon (large intestine) where they can contribute to the health of the colon (for this reason, they are sometimes called prebiotics).

Oligofructose is 30-50% is sweet as sucrose (table sugar). It also behaves similarly to sugar in some food products. It occurs naturally in some plants. Most of the oligofructose used as an ingredient is either extracted from chicory root or is synthetically manufactured. It is included both in "Total Carbohydrates" and "Fiber" on food labels in the U.S.

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