Is Cheese Bad?

Sunday, February 19, 2012
French The vegan group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is at it again, this time with big billboards implying that cheese makes you fat, vividly illustrated with fat limbs and bellies. What reason do they have to make this implication? Oh, undoubtedly the vegan circuit in their brains is very active and self-reinforcing, but apparently this particular salvo was launched in upstate New York because the schools include cheese in some of their lunches. (They've also apparently put similar billboards up in Wisconsin, a particularly ballsy move.)

Of course, anyone with two brain cells to rub together would question this association. When you look at a list of countries where people consume the most cheese, at least 14 countries have a cheese consumption higher than the U.S., and as far as I can tell every one of them has a lower obesity rate than the U.S. (Here's a graph illustrating some of them.) As far as I can tell, there is zero evidence of a causal relationship between eating cheese and obesity. France, in particular, tends to lead the pack in their love of cheese, without any signs of negative effects.

Is it possible to eat too much cheese? Of course. For one thing, cheese has carbs, and many low-carbers find they are better off being careful, because it can be all too easy to eat too much. Also, there are those (notably many in the Paleo community) who think we would do better not to eat dairy at all. I tend to think that following the example of the French in savoring some cheese as dessert has merit.

Photo of French woman c Ariwasabi at IStockphoto (Behold the horrific effects of cheese consumption!)

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