Low-Carb Explained by Dr. Mary Vernon

Sunday, February 19, 2012
MaryI am a real fan of Dr. Mary Vernon, co-author of Atkins Diabetes Revolution. I've heard her speak many times, from Nutrition and Metabolism conferences to the Low-Carb Cruise. Often, she is educating other physicians about how to effectively use a low-carb approach with their patients.

If you can't get to a conference, I have a video for you: Swedish physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt interviewed Dr. Vernon for his blog. It would be helpful for your doctor to see as well, as she explains what led her to begin to use a low-carb approach with her patients, and her clinical experience with them. Dr. Vernon says such provocative things as: "Nobody needs to count calories." "Everybody should eat low-carb" (but the amount of carbohydrate a person can eat varies according to the individual), and that she doesn't care about a patient's weight (though people usually do lose weight); instead she focuses on their about metabolic health. Intrigued? Catch the Interview Here.

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