Sugar-Free Pickles/Relish

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Bottom Line

These sweet pickles and relish, sweetened with sucralose (SplendaR) instead of sugar, taste great to me and my tasters. The relish has a slightly different consistency to regular sugar-sweetened relish – it is more like dill relish in that way. The relish works in all the usual pickle relish applications – on hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as in deviled eggs and tuna salad. The other sweet pickles can also substitute in any way for regular sugar-sweetened pickles.


  • Low carb count/no sugar
  • Tastes likes regular sugar-sweetened products
  • Fairly widely available in supermarkets (U.S.)


  • Consistency of relish is not quite the same - not as thick
  • Some find a slight aftertaste from sucralose
  • May have to mail order


  • Mt. Olive makes 3 kinds of No Sugar Added sweet pickles, plus sweet relish.
  • Bread and Butter pickles come in chips or in "sandwich stuffers".
  • Sweet (midget) gherkins also available.
  • Carb count comparable to non-sweet varieties.

Guide Review - Product Review: Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Pickles and Relish

In general, pickles are a fairly low carb food – after all, they are just cucumbers, vinegar, salt and spices. Dill pickles and sour pickles are usually fine on reduced-carb diets. But sweet pickles? Unfortunately, sweet pickles usually have quite a lot of sugar, and so that marvelous sweet-and-sour taste is usually off-limits. This includes one of the most popular forms of sweet pickles – pickle relish.

Ingredients: All the labels essentially say the same thing: cucumbers, water, vinegar, various spices, sucralose (SplendaR), and coloring.

Flavor:The taste is comparable to “regular” sweet pickles and relish. Some find that the sucralose (SplendaR) gives them a slight aftertaste, but usually note that due to the strong flavor of the pickles, it is not very noticeable.

Carb count: These sweet pickles and relish have about the same carb count as cucumbers or dill pickles, which is about 1 gram of carbohydrate per ounce (about 1 small pickle or 1 spear), or one tablespoon of relish. This is as compared to 5 grams of carb for regular sweet relish or 9 grams per ounce of sweet pickle.

Availability:Mt. Olive Pickles are widely available in the Southeast US. In most of the rest of the U.S. they are carried in such supermarket chains as Safeway, Albertson’s, Shaw’s, Pathmark, and Kroger. They can also be ordered through the manufacturer as well as other online sources.

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