A Lighter Easter Brunch

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

There is plenty of good news surrounding Easter Sunday for those who observe the religious holiday. And in terms of more earthly matters, such as your waistline, these Easter brunch options may also be good news. While lighter, these dishes are delicious additions to your Easter table. And in light of new dietary guidelines, which no longer demonize eggs, you can go ahead and eat these dishes without feeling as guilty about dietary cholesterol (subject, of course, to any dietary restrictions advised by your doctor).

Savory Spring Bread Pudding - Fiona Haynes
Savory Spring Bread Pudding. Fiona Haynes

Savory Spring Bread Pudding

This tasty and filling savory bread pudding dish is colorful, hearty, and delicious. It makes great use of seasonal asparagus.

For best results, be sure to use stale bread (a day or two old). I say Italian here, but any artisanal bread will work beautifully. A whole wheat sourdough would be perfect, as well as adding a little extra fiber. More »

Low Fat Crepes - Fiona Haynes
Low Fat Crepes. Fiona Haynes

Low Fat Crêpes

Crêpes are thin pancakes which can be eaten in the same way as pancakes or rolled up with a filling of your choice. I like to sprinkle powdered sugar and lemon juice over mine and serve them with fresh fruit. Or you can drizzle them with warm maple syrup. More »

Sausage and Mushroom Brunch Casserole - Fiona Haynes
Sausage and Mushroom Brunch Casserole. Fiona Haynes

Sausage and Mushroom Brunch Casserole

This sausage and mushroom casserole saves fat calories by using chicken sausage, liquid egg substitute in place of some of the eggs, and reduced fat cheese. But feel free to use whole eggs and dispense with the egg substitute if you prefer. Do use whole grain bread if you can for added fiber. Prepare this casserole ahead of time. Refrigerate overnight and bake in the morning. More »

Whole-Wheat Pancakes - Fiona Haynes
Whole-Wheat Pancakes. Fiona Haynes

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Why settle for store-bought pancake mixes when you can so easily make your own, more wholesome pancakes? These whole-wheat pancakes are light and delicious. Serve with powdered sugar and warmed fruit compote or maple syrup. More »

Light Asparagus Strata - Fiona Haynes
Light Asparagus Strata. Fiona Haynes

Light Asparagus Strata

Thanks to eggs, cheese and milk, traditional stratas are high in fat and calories. Thankfully, you can lighten these dishes by using a blend of eggs and egg substitute, nonfat milk, and reduced fat cheese. It also uses whole wheat bread for an extra nutritional boost. To save time on the day, make this strata the night before or a few hours ahead if it's more convenient. If so, simply cover and refrigerate the strata until about a half hour before you want to bake it. More »

Low Fat Herbed Zucchini-Mushroom Frittata - Fiona Haynes
Low Fat Herbed Zucchini-Mushroom Frittata. Fiona Haynes

Herbed Zucchini and Mushroom Frittata

This light and fluffy Herbed Zucchini and Mushroom Frittata is perfect for Easter or Mother's Day. I use egg substitute to lower the amount of cholesterol, but you can also use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites if you prefer, or stick with whole eggs. Frittatas can be cut into triangles, small squares and can be served either warm or at room temperature. More »

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